Your Creative Solutions Partner

July 8, 2008

Shamani Creative Design is dedicated to provide excellent service in the field of creative design at an affordable price. To me, a design should reflect customers’ characteristics and image that grows beyond the product/ service offered itself, be it business cards, letterheads to signage or even catalogues/ brochures or package design. It is the base of the image making. I will try to make the customers’ image most outstanding, classical in one way or fashionable in another way and most of all, look top-notch professional. When working with my customers, the end product is the ultimate test of my achievement. I would like to let my work speak for itself. I will try to cater to all projects whether big or small and work on everything with utmost sincerity without any discrimination. Whatever your budget is, I will make the package to fit it. Customers’ satisfaction is my top priority above anything else. 

Please do not hesitate to request a no obligation free quote by emailing Shamani Creative Design at I also welcome your questions, comments and suggestions – would love to hear from you.


Hope you will enjoy your stay!